Thursday, February 27, 2020

MBA Thesis- Entrepreneurial Business Plan Thesis

MBA - Entrepreneurial Business Plan - Thesis Example There has to be some mechanism for federal level reporting where hospitals across the country are held to it, and it’s just not a voluntary thing. We don’t have it. Voluntary reporting vastly underestimates the frequency of errors and injuries that occur† – Dr. Landriagn (Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School) 911 Health Care Services Corporation is a privately owned firm with an aim to offer high quality healthcare services. By leveraging its services through excellent technology, firm aims to offer newest technology in patient identification and medical history storage. By employing latest technology and database tools, we aim to offer a comprehensive service which can help reduce the time and cost to record, save and retrieve patient information in hospitals and other healthcare settings. This technology will facilitate healthcare service providers at different levels and will offer a robust and a cost-saving technology which can cater to the needs at different levels including emergency departments of the hospitals. This will be a private limited company with initial share capital of $10 (m) equally divided into shares of $1 each. The initial subscribers of the business will be assuming 50% of the ownership by subscribing to propionate number of shares. Initial shareholders and subscr ibers will also serve on the management of the business and will provide their expertise and experience to run the business. This firm will be primarily a privately run business with one CEO as the head of the organization looking after day-to-day issues of the firm and devising strategies and developing strategic alliances and partnerships. A marketing team will be involved in the execution of marketing strategy through which firm can actually aim to partner with different hospitals and healthcare service providers for effecting marketing and selling of the technology. The overall idea was conceived in order to

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